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9 Tips To Make Moving Easy

We all know how stressful moving can be. No matter how prepared you are, moving is a big task! There are, however, proven ways to streamline your moving process and relieve some of those moving headaches. So whether you’re moving down the street or into a different city, we’ve gathered some tips that will make your move easier!

Organize Early
Last-minute arrangements are the enemy of a smooth transition. Unless you have to pack up and leave your home in a hurry, you should have at least a few weeks to plan and prepare for the big day(s). Make sure everything is organized and ready to be moved before that day arrives. This can be difficult considering you’ll need to continue to use most of the things that will be moved. Don’t worry though, this Moving House Checklist will help you prepare in advance.

Donate, Donate, Donate
You’ll more than likely find many items you’re ready to part ways with when you clean and organize your home for the big move. There’s no reason to pack boxes of items that haven’t been used for months and will continue to go unused in your new home. Think about what you can donate and what you refuse to part ways with. We understand some of this may have sentimental value and some of it may only be used on rare occasions. Consider getting yourself a storage unit for these items, or plan to move them into your existing storage unit if you have one. Not sure how to choose a storage unit? That’s okay, we’ve got a list of the best self-storage units in and around Minneapolis right here.

Pack In Advance
This one seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you’ve got all the necessary materials to avoid those annoying last-minute trips to the store. These items include boxes of various sizes, tape, sticker labels or colored markers, and bubble wrap. Start with the things you don’t use often and as the moving day approaches, start packing away the items you use more frequently. Ideally, you’ll have everything packed up and ready to be moved the day before you start.

Hire Professionals
If it’s within your budget, hiring professional movers will save you time, energy, and even pain. Yes, pain. A long day of moving usually means sore arms and back, and also potential injuries. Even with some great friends who have a van or truck, you run the risk of damaging your belongings and your bodies. Experts will not only help with heavy items like furniture, but they can also give useful advice and get you moved much more quickly than you would on your own. Some movers will even help with packing and reassembling any items that require as much.

Pick The Right Vehicle
This is essential because it can save you some money. If you’re moving down the street, a smaller van will probably do the trick, you’ll just have to make more trips. It’s always easier to make as few trips as possible, but this will again depend on your budget. Picking the right size vehicle to fit as much of your belongings as possible can be difficult to gauge, so have everything packed up and organized to get a better sense of how much space you’ll need. This Moving Truck Size Calculator will also help you decide.

Pack An Overnight Bag
Most people overlook this step, which is understandable. You’re excited to get into your new home and have it set up as quickly as possible. But even if you’re moving just down the street, you should have this overnight bag filled with essentials. You’ll spend at least a day or two, sometimes weeks unpacking your boxes and organizing your belongings. Your overnight bag with a few changes of clothes, some toiletries, chargers for electronics, and maybe even some snacks will allow you to live in your new home without having all of your stuff unpacked and organized.

Notify Important Contacts
Make a list of everyone who needs to know your new address and make sure to contact them. This might be people like close friends or loved ones, but it’s also companies like your internet provider, (installations have to be planned weeks in advance sometimes!) your utility companies, and the post office. Contact all of them in advance and share with them the date of your move. Here’s a checklist if you need some assistance.

Give Your Movers The Details
Whether you were able to hire professionals or not, let the people who are helping you move in on the details. Let them know about the overweight and fragile items and if your home has any access restrictions like narrow hallways and staircases. This will help them prepare themselves and bring any additional tools or materials to assist you. It’s beneficial to professionals and friends alike if there aren’t any surprises that they encounter on moving day.

Keep The Kids Entertained
Another step that many people overlook. Moving with children can certainly amplify the stress, but if you make a plan, you can avoid some headaches here as well. Have a babysitter or family member take the kids out to do something fun for at least a few hours or have them hang out at their grandparents’ or friend’s house. If that’s not an option for you, consider some activities that require minimal materials. Fort-building is an idea we like for the younger ones because you can either use blankets and pillows, which are easy to pack, or you can simply use some of those large boxes you got to move with. Your children might help you move some of the lighter boxes for a short period of time, but they will probably lose interest and end up causing some headaches or even hurting themselves if they have no form of entertainment.

That’s it, you’re ready to take on the tremendous task of moving! Just keep these tips in mind you’ll have a much smoother transition into your new home. Good luck!