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Create Winter Curb Appeal for Winter Buyers

winter home curb appealIn the winter months, curb appeal can be a challenge. Most buyers make up their minds within a few minutes of looking at the outside if they want to buy or not. Your front yard is the buyers’ first impression. A property that looks outdated or unkept can create a negative appearance; you don’t want that. Don’t let the cold weather affect your sale. Here’s what you can do outside that will make your potential buyer want to see what’s inside.

Create an Inviting Front Lawn
The easiest way to create great curb appeal during the winter is to shovel the snow and keep all walkways clear. Don’t forget about the driveway and some ice-melting salt for safety.

Although you may not think of plants during the winter, think again. Mix some color into the all-white-winter-wonderland look with some colorful potted cold-weather plants. Winter-flowering shrubs are a great way to add some bloom to your yard.

Make Your Porch Welcoming
The front porch is like the eyes of the face. It’s the entry to the rest of your home. Spruce things up with a fresh coat of paint on the front door. Simple additions like new address numbers, outdoor lighting fixtures, and a new doormat can make all the difference. Sometimes even a little DIY to repair and fix what you already have goes a long way too. Add more green to go with your winter-flowering shrubs and place an extra small Douglas fir or two near the front door. Wrap the bottom of your tree with some burlap, put it in a basket or a colorful pot.

Clear Your Driveway
One of the most basic tasks is cleaning and repairing your driveway. Fixing cracks or applying a coat of sealant to concrete is an excellent way to keep dirt and oil from soaking into the surface (as long as there’s no snow, of course). Remove unwanted winter toys, vehicles, and outdoor equipment.

Don’t forget to shovel the driveway too. Buyers want to picture themselves walking into “their” new home. Keep them wanting more, and don’t give them an excuse to turn around to view another home.

Organize Your Garage
The look of your garage can give a preview of what your home looks like. De-clutter and organize your shelves to create a space that appears larger. Take the time to remove oil, grease, and paint marks and give the floors a good sweep. Organize your equipment and tools with wall storage hooks and cabinets to create a visually appealing space. Buyers want to see how large the garage is and envision how their stuff could fit.

Clean Up the Face of Your Home
Roof shingles, siding, and discolored brick can turn off potential buyers. Look into pressure washing them to remove dirt and grime.

Give your freshly cleaned exterior an extra glow with some exterior lighting. Take a walk around the outside to make sure all lights are working correctly and check for any bulbs that need replacing. Also, check to make sure all bulbs are clear of ice and snow.

Your home’s curb appeal could be the main reason buyers want to see what’s inside. Use these helpful tips and be surprised how happy potential buyers will be once they open the front door.