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Eden Prairie Ice Skating

A blizzard and a cold end to December can only mean one thing in Eden Prairie. Time for outdoor skating. The city is busy preparing the outdoor rinks and warming houses for you to enjoy. Skating is an excellent, safe, socially distant way to get exercise in the cold months. Bring little ones out with a chair to push as they learn how to move on the ice, while the bigger kids can play tag. Adults can have a nice outdoor date.

While being an obvious choice for cardiovascular health, skating also strengthens joints and builds leg and abdominal muscles. According to Vogue, skating also challenges your core, your abdomen, and your coordination. It also helps develop proprioception – your sense of where your body is in space, giving you more grace and balance off the ice.

Besides that, it’s fun. You can glide across the ice, imagining you’re competing for a gold medal. Or just concentrate on staying on your feet. No matter, you’ll make memories that will last well beyond a winter season.

City rinks opened on January 1, 2021. Warming houses are temporarily closed due to COVID. Check here for updates on restrictions. And if you’re looking for a rink, check out any of these city-run rinks around town. The Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation Department maintains each of these options:

Crestwood Park
9870 Dell Road

Evandale Park
7200 Evandale Blvd

Forest Hills Park
13708 Holly Road

Homeward Hills Park
1200 Silverwood Drive

Miller Park
8208 Eden Prairie Road

Nesbitt Reserve Park
8641 Center Way

Round Lake Park
16691 Valley View Road

Staring Lake Park
Sledding Hill, Skating Park, Equipment Rental
14880 Pioneer Trail

Besides being a great workout, skating provides a new avenue for socially-distant time with others. If there’s a rink in your neighborhood, all you need do is fill your thermal cup with a warm hot cocoa, tea or coffee, and you’ve got a skating party. And you’ll make memories that you’ll talk about for years to come. So, grab some neighbors, head down to your neighborhood rink, lace up those skates and hit the ice!