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Go Wireless: Embracing Home Technology

These days, most people don’t leave the house without their smartphone in tow. More and more, “smart” technology is revolutionizing even the most mundane household staples—from Bluetooth enabled washer and dryer sets to digital doorbells. If you aren’t keeping tabs on home technology trends, you may miss out on simple ways to streamline maintenance, security, and amenities in your own home. Likewise, these tech-forward features are huge value-adds if you plan on listing your property in the next few years. Millennial homebuyers in particular are in search for smart-optimized homes that make life a little easier. Let’s take a look at some of the leading smart-home trends out there and how to embrace the big wave of wireless technology coming to homes everywhere.

What is wireless home technology?
When it comes to tech-forward home amenities, there are more wireless options than your phone or Wi-Fi setup. Did you know that you can smart coffee maker? How about a smart thermostat that lets you customize your heating and cooling experience down to the minute from the ease of your phone’s interface? There are so many home technology add-ons out there that it boggles the mind. Here are just a few home-tech options to inspire your shopping:

Smart doorbells that allow you to use a video camera to see who is at your door, just by checking on your phone

Smart home security systems that give you the power to arm or disarm your home security from afar, using a dedicate app

Smart cams that let you check in on your home’s safety or favorite pet during the day via a smartphone capable video feed

Smart indoor gardens that let you grow herbs and small vegetables year-round from the warmth and comfort of your own home, complete with related apps that help you monitor soil pH, sunlight exposure, temperature, and more
Why should you embrace the wireless smart-home trend?

Sure, it may feel overwhelming to update every nook and cranny in your home to be fully wireless, integrated on your phone, and optimized via Bluetooth. But smart technology isn’t just about cool features; it’s also about convenience. Probably the most popular smart-home feature embraced by all generations are wireless home security systems that allow you to monitor your home’s safety from afar. Likewise, smart thermostats are gaining steam and growing steadily in popularity, simply because they streamline the functionality of some of your home’s most basic functions: heating and cooling. If you’ve wrestled with a thermostat’s programming before, you’ll relish the intuitive ease of dealing with a digital thermostat device.

Don’t be deterred by the trendiness of smart-home and wireless technological features hitting the real estate market. After all, some of these products will work for you, while others might seem less appealing. In either case, you can add modern value to your home by embracing some of these much-needed home updates, or you can simply make life easier as you go about your day.

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