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Increase Your Privacy With Natural Fencing

Excited to hang out in your yard now that Spring is here, but feel uncomfortable being in the view of your neighbors? We know the feeling. Every homeowner likes a little privacy, especially after a long winter. Maybe once you get your tan going you’ll be more carefree. But for now, we’ve come up with some beautiful landscaping techniques to increase the privacy of your property. Let’s get to it.

First Steps

First things first, do you live in a community that is managed by an HOA? If so, you’ll need to dig up the documents you received when you purchased the home. HOA’s usually have rules about landscaping that you’ll need to know before you start. The last thing you want is to have to remove the landscaping right after you’ve finished it.

Next, you’ll need to figure out exactly how much privacy you really want. Do you envision a completely blocked out view from your neighbors and passersby or are you thinking of something a little lighter? You’ll also need to consider the types of plants that are suited to the climate. Using native plants ensures that they are well-equipped for the local soil and climate and will therefore require less maintenance. AHS Gardening can help you find native plants for your area.

Plant/Landscaping Options

While some homeowners prefer to show off their home and the landscaping, some may spend time in their yard and prefer to have the view blocked off from strangers. If you prefer privacy, you’ll want to consider evergreen options. Otherwise, your privacy will diminish as the frost arrives.

You’ll want to choose a woody plant so that the branches will continue to partially block the view when the foliage is lost. Emerald Arborvitae and Nigra Arborvitae are good options along with English Laurel. North Privet and Japanese Meadowsweet are a couple to consider because they grow quite rapidly. You do have some options if you’d like the same amount of privacy, even in the winter. Cherry Laurel, Holly, or the Thuja Green Giant Hedge will stick around even when it’s freezing.


If you’re less concerned about onlookers and more concerned about wandering wildlife or walking shortcutters, consider some property protection landscaping. Anything with prickly leaves or thorns will serve to protect your yard from both. If you have children or pets, be cautious about your prickly plant preferences. Holly trees and bushes are a good choice because they are nice to look at, but not so nice to touch. They work well in deterring traffic from your yard.

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