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Is Your Home Smart

Boosting the value of your home used to be as easy as a fresh coat of paint or a few updated fixtures in a beautifully staged room… not anymore. Today’s home buyers are more interested in technology and how it can make their lives easier. Better Homes and Gardens conducted a survey on millennial home buyers and found that a whopping 64 percent valued smart home technology as a primary factor in their purchase. Smart home technology might seem a bit daunting, but we’re here to simplify things for you a little.


Thermostats are already very convenient and they’ve been around for decades. They aren’t quite as customizable as a smart thermostat, however. Think voice control and geofencing to control the temperature in individual rooms separately. Think about how easy it would be to adjust the temperature from the comfort of your couch or your bed. Think about the money you could save with automatically adjusting temperatures that go to work just before you arrive at home and shut off as you leave.


Artificial illumination can put your home on display like nothing else can, but smart lighting is about more than just looking pretty. Smart home lighting technology allows you to pre-set lighting schemes to turn on or off when you wish, or at the press of a button from your smartphone. No more leaving the lights on while you’re at work all day! You can even set some lighting systems to turn on and get slowly brighter in order to wake you up in a pleasant manner. Smart home lighting technology can save you both money and energy.


No more hide-a-keys, keys under flower pots, or entrusting a neighbor with your spare key. Smart locking systems can be programmed to auto-lock and unlock as you arrive/depart, or you can manually lock/unlock them from your smartphone. I’m the type of person who will lay down in bed for the evening only to worry about whether or not I locked my doors. If I can avoid getting out of bed and going down the stairs to double check the locks, I’m in! You can even program smart locks to unlock for specific people, like your family and friends!


Security is one of the primary driving factors behind purchasing a smart home. There are a wide variety of wireless security options that range greatly in price and features. Do you need an entire network of cameras to surround your property or will a couple of cameras pointed at doors and windows do the trick? Do you need water-proof cameras that immediately store footage on a cloud or do you simply need a small camera that you can view through your smartphone at your convenience. The options vary greatly and will depend on your needs, but one thing is for certain: security systems will not only boost the value of your home, they’ll also provide you with peace of mind.

Each of these upgrades comes with a different return on investment, but there is no doubt that each will add value to your home and make your life easier.