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Prepare Your Home For The Holidays

Ahh, Christmas. The greatest time of the year is here. The lights, the snow, the warm drinks, the gifts, the family and friends… it all just works so well together. However, hosting for Christmas can replace some of that magical holiday cheer with stress, and nobody wants that. We’ve created a simple list of to-do’s to eliminate some of that stress and help you host the best Christmas ever.

While it may not be fun to do, there’s nothing like the refreshing feeling of throwing out a bunch of stuff that you no longer use. This is the perfect way to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start before Christmas. Your home will soon be full of new gifts and wrapping paper, so make room for them. If you don’t need it and you don’t use it then get rid of it!

Stock Up Fridge/Freezer
It’s time to head to the store and pick up all of the delicious holiday foods you’ll be enjoying. Make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks and drinks! Will you be baking? Make sure you’ve got all the necessities like flour, sugar, and milk. Not much of a baker? Pick up some pre-made cookie dough or a loaf of frozen banana bread. Whatever it is, make sure you have it ahead of time so that you’re not making any last-minute trips to an overcrowded store on Christmas Eve.

Finally, the best part! Dig up all of your holiday decorations and get to it! Don’t forget the holiday candles! Nothing brings people together and puts them in the Christmas spirit like a perfectly scented candle. Make the tree look terrific and hang up your stockings before heading outside. Check the forecast in your area for a day that won’t be a blizzard and get out there to hang those lights! One of the first things that come to mind when we hear the word “Christmas” is holiday lights. While you’re out there, make sure your shovel isn’t cracked or that your snowblower is working, and then make sure you’ve got salt to melt the ice on your driveway/walkway!

Stay On Top Of The Bathrooms
Is there anything more off-putting than a gross bathroom? Don’t let that bathroom be yours! Get in a good deep clean before any guests arrive and then stay on top of it. Some of you may be having guests in and out for a week while others might only be hosting for a night. Either way, check in on your bathrooms regularly and give them a quick 2-minute speed clean. Visitors will be coming and going frequently with all of the “holiday cheer” that may or may not be poured into glasses.

Holiday Supplies
You’ve got all of your decorations organized but have you considered your silverware or your cups? Will there be enough to go around to everybody? Do you need to break out your festive plates and give them a wash after sitting in a cupboard for 360+ days? Maybe you have a special tablecloth that only comes out once a year. It could probably use ironing. The details matter! The last thing you want is to be busting out your folding lawn chairs last minute because you didn’t plan out enough seating for everyone.

At the end of the day, the holidays are about family, friends, rest, and relaxation. Take care of the dirty work ahead of time and you’ll allow yourself to enjoy it all. And remember, people are coming over to spend time with you and enjoy your company, not to judge you on how well-kept your home is. Pour them a glass of wine and they’ll quickly forget about the basket of dirty laundry you forgot to stash away. Happy Holidays!

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