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Starting the New Year With a Starter Home

“Have you heard about Christine and Mark? They just bought the cutest little starter house out in the suburbs.” The names may change, the city too, but we’ve all heard some version of this sentence. Maybe you’d like someone to say that about you. Often, homebuyers target ‘starter homes.’ These houses are generally a little smaller, a little older, and a little cheaper than others on the market. Even more often, the people looking to purchase these homes are more inexperienced buyers. So what to look for when buying a starter home for your very own?

Affordability is King

The number one reason people buy a starter home is to give themselves time to save for the house that they’d ideally like to see themselves in. Buyers of starter homes are generally budget-conscious, and it’s good to keep that budget at the forefront of your mind while talking to your agent, sellers, and especially your bank. It’s easy to think of the maximum amount you’re approved to borrow as your budget, but keep the price low and stay on course.

Location, Location, Location

It’s easy to find yourself wooed by a starter house that is move-in ready. But as a first time buyer, you have more to consider than just the house, yard, and steepness of the driveway. Make sure that your home will fit into your lifestyle—how far is it from restaurants you frequent? Your place of work? Your kid’s school?—and not the other way around. Outside costs add up fast, and you may soon find yourself spending more on transportation than you would’ve if you’d bought a larger house.

Tomorrow’s a Day Away

Keep the future in sight and in mind while looking to buy your starter house. It’s easy to lose sight of five and ten-year plans in the excitement of buying your first home, but five and ten-year plans are the main reason to pursue a starter home. If you’re single, do you see yourself being married in the future? Or, if you’re a newly-wed couple, have you factored in kids while considering your square-footage and number of bedrooms? Starter homes are starters for a reason—make sure you give yourself and your family room to grow while deciding on the home that’s right for you.

Buying your first home can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Give Helgeson Platzke a call today and we’ll find the starter home that will get your 2019 started on the right foot.

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