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The Walk Through Walkthrough

By Ryan Platzke:
You’ve done it.You’ve made it through the negotiations, completed a home inspection, and had any or all necessary repairs made.All that’s left is to dot those I’s, cross those T’s, and you’ll have done it! You’ll have closed on a house and can start fulfilling your dreams of homeownership. But before you initial and sign everywhere needed, there’s still one last step. Or several steps, really, as you complete a final walk through of the home before closing.Here are some tips to make sure your walk through is thorough, and nothing is left to chance.

Be Prepared.

The number one mistake almost-homeowners make is deciding to wing the final walk through. Before you head over, prepare a walk through bag and keep the following items handy:

Your final contract to verify what you’re looking at matches the agreed upon terms
Paper to take detailed notes during the walk through marked with the date and time
A camera to take pictures to back up all of your notes
An inspection summary to verify all repairs have been completed
Cellphone and charger to confirm all outlets work properly
You’ll also want to make sure your final walk through before you close on the property. Before you close, there is still time to back out or renegotiate if everything is not as it should be during your walk through.

Check Everything

And yes, I do mean everything.

Windows and Doors. Open every window and door on the property.It takes time and can feel tedious, but it’s better to take the time now versus waking up one morning to find you’ve been burgled due to a faulty window latch. Note any missing screens or other problems.

Bathrooms.Take the same systematic approach to checking your future bathrooms over. Watch out for mold, water damage, or any standing water. Make sure that the toilets flush properly, and that all sinks, showers, and baths are able to run hot water and don’t leak after being turned off. Check out how quickly water drains after use.

Kitchen. Give the same treatment to your kitchen. Mold or water damage, particularly under sinks, dishwashers, or refrigerator, can spell expensive problems down the road. Turn all appliances on and off to make sure that they can function properly.

Electricity and Systems. It doesn’t matter if it’s 101 or -14 outside.While completing your walk through, blast the heat and A/C to make sure it is functioning properly. Remember that phone and charger you brought with you?Plug it into every outlet to make sure that they work—if they don’t, there may be a bigger electric problem to address.

The most important thing to remember with any walk through is to bring your real estate agent with you along for the journey. They have the expertise and experience to answer all of your questions as well as guide you through the process in real time. Contact us at Helgeson Platzke today, and we’ll walk you through your homebuying journey.

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