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Top 10 Spooky Door Decorations For Halloween

October 20, 2020

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is decorating their homes for the occasion. The front door is usually the centerpiece of fear because it’s where all of the trick or treaters will be going, which means your front door decoration is the most important part! Make the neighborhood’s scariest door your door with some of the best Halloween door decorations we could find online!

Light-Up Talking Evil Clown Door Knocker

This creepy evil clown door knocker has a frightening smile and light-up eyes. Plus, it comes with three different scary sayings that will get a scare out of even the bravest trick-or-treaters.

Glow In The Dark Spider Webs/Spiders

This set of glow in the dark webs and spiders can be stretched around your door and will complement any other spooky decorations perfectly. It looks realistic during the day and emits a creepy green glow at night.

Bloody Door Cover

This chilling door cover will make trick or treaters think twice about approaching. It displays the words “Help Us” along with a shadowy figure in the background. This decoration works best on glass with a light source behind it.

Bloody Hand Prints

These bloody hand prints are a nice touch for doors that have glass. They are three dimensional and appear to be dripping downward when placed correctly. Pair them with lights or other props to really scare someone off!

Freddy Kreuger String Lights

If you’re a Nightmare On Elm Street fan, these string lights are perfect for you! They feature mini heads of Freddy Kreuger and even play some creepy music!

Ouija Board Doormat

Remember the old board game used to communicate with spirits? Well, now you can have it as a doormat! Welcome all the spirits and ghosts to your haunted house with this Ouija board welcome mat.

Menacing Creep

This creep is sure to send chills down the spine of any who catch his eye. Perfect for front doors with glass, you can place him on the inside so he peers out at any who dare to come near.

4.5 Ft Animated Sitting Scarecrow

Take your scares to another level with this animated sitting scarecrow. Make the most of him by putting your bowl of treats in his lap so that he moves when someone reaches out to grab a treat! Perfect for social distancing, you’ll be laughing all night watching the jump scares from inside! 

Ghost Nun Door Sticker

This easy-to-install door sticker is truly terrifying. It shows a ghostly nun with frightening eyes that could scare off a lion. This sticker is a great way to set up a truly terrifying atmosphere.

Eyeball Doorbell

This eyeball doorbell cover is the perfect finishing touch for any Halloween fan. It features a light-up rolling eye that opens when the button is pressed and even has sound effects. It installs quickly and easily over your existing doorbell.

The best part about door decorations is that they do the haunting for you! So if you’re leaving treats outside to remain socially distant, you can still watch the fear from inside! As proud members of the esteemed, small-knit Eden Prairie small business community, we are active participants in everything our area has to offer. Since 1995, we’ve been committed to earning the trust of our community. With over 4,500 homes sold in our region, we have the knowledge and experience you need when you are looking to list or buy a home in Eden Prairie. Give us a call today and experience for yourself how we became the #1 sales team in Eden Prairie.