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Treat Your Trick or Treaters to a Safe, Fun Night

Use these tips around your home to ensure an enjoyable and safe Halloween night.

Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall

With all the excitement of the night, it’s very likely that some zombie or skeleton will come eagerly running up to your front door.

Take a few minutes during the day time to inspect your lawn, driveway, and walking path. Look out for any tripping hazards like exposed roots or cracks in the concrete. Make any necessary repairs or restrict access to hazardous areas of the yard.

If you have Halloween decorations, make sure no cords or strings are littering your walkways. The last thing you want on such a fun-filled night is an injured trick or treater!

Let There Be Light 

Make sure any and all paths and walkways to your front door are generously illuminated. Don’t worry, you don’t need to install a full arsenal of year-round light fixtures to get the job done. Consider seasonal lightings like glow sticks, plastic jack-o-lanterns, or tea lights. These options are not only temporary but they are also much more affordable.

Lastly, it may seem like you’re ruining the Halloween “mood” by keeping your porch light on, but it’s a lot safer and also a lot more inviting to leave it on.

No More Flammable Decor

Whether you want to blame vandals or accidents for it, it’s a fact that there are more fires on Halloween night than any other night in October. (FEMA) Holiday decorations are often quite flammable, typically involving materials like cheap paper or even dried hay and corn stalks.

If you insist you must decorate your home with such items, keep them far away from any potential heat source, including lights and candles. You can also substitute LED lights for any potential open flames you might have, including jack-o-lanterns.

Man’s Best Friend or Kid’s Nightmare?

 I’m sure your dog is a friendly dog. I’m sure he’s very kind and sweet. However, let’s not forget all the costumes and props that come with Halloween. If they can scare a child, they might just as easily scare a dog into unusual behaviors. Not only that, but a child might be frightened of the breed or size of your dog!

Keep your beloved puppy in a safe and comfortable place away from potential threats. Whether it be the backyard or somewhere indoors, it’s important to keep both your pooch and the children feeling happy and safe.

A mob of tiny ghouls, ghosts, and goblins will soon be marching upon your home! Clear the path and light the way to a safe and fun-filled holiday!