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What To Do With Your Unfinished Basement

While it’s dimly lit and maybe even down right ugly, it’s tough to see the potential of your unfinished basement. With a little bit of work and some tips we’ll provide here, you can make your basement a place you want to show off and hang out in. Let’s get to it.

Nothing adds more character to a dull space than a pop of color, and you’d be surprised by how much lighter and roomier a space can feel with the right colors in the right places. Think about painting the ceiling and even the floors, get away from that cave-like feeling by painting the rafters white, or create a bold accent wall. All of these are easy ways to take a basement from dull to delightful.

Unfinished basements typically have few electrical outlets and a couple exposed bulbs for lighting. Creative lighting is a great way to add your personality to a room. You can bring in more light and add a playful ambience by hanging some industrial string lights across the ceiling. Using only one outlet, you can light a large area and create a different mood.

Rugs Or Mats
What do you plan to use this space for? Maybe it will be your gym or a play area for your kids. Maybe it will simply be a space to hang out and relax. If it’s the former, consider some foam matts that can be laid down and picked up as needed. If it’s the latter, consider some area rugs. These do a fantastic job of warming up a cold basement without a lot of effort.

Divide The Space
Your plan for your basement might be to essentially add another bedroom to your home, but how can you do that when there are no walls? A simple solution would be to install curtains or an inexpensive sliding door system. If you are unable to install a track system on your particular ceiling, you can stretch picture wire tightly across the room and attach cafe hooks to flat sheets or another lightweight material for an easy, no-sew dividing solution. There are also many inexpensive, portable room divider options available online.

No matter what your personal needs are, you now have a few ideas to jump start your unfinished basement project!

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