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Here we are, already in March 2020 and almost into April. That means it’s the hottest season in real estate: Spring.

We are still seeing low inventory and strong median sales price, which means many homes are selling with multiple offers and selling before they’re ever listed on sites like Zillow and We’re also seeing peak pricing, so if you’re considering selling your home, you can very likely get more than what you think your home is worth. There are a lot of buyers and not enough listings. Let’s take a look at some particular stats more in-depth:

+5.4% Closed Sales
We’re getting into Spring, which is when most homes are sold, so it makes sense that we’re seeing increased Closed Sales right now.

-14.9% Inventory
This trend continues, low inventory usually means more offers per listing and higher sales prices.

+4.2% Median Sales Price
Since the amount of homes being listed is low, there are plenty of buyers out there. This means sellers are almost always achieving their sales price, or very close to it.

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