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By Ryan Platzke: Homeowner’s associations, better known as HOAs, are becoming more and more popular as we head into 2019. But for many of us, we think of HOAs as a mystery at best, and power-crazed, expensive dictators at worst. So what’s...

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How Not to Sell Your House

By Ryan Platzke: We’ve all been there. You make the life-altering decision to sell your home and move on to the next adventure.What comes after that decision?Research, of course! A quick Google search will turn up page after page of tips,...

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The Walk Through Walkthrough

By Ryan Platzke: You’ve done it.You’ve made it through the negotiations, completed a home inspection, and had any or all necessary repairs made.All that’s left is to dot those I’s, cross those T’s, and you’ll have done it! You’l...

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Starting the New Year With a Starter Home

"Have you heard about Christine and Mark? They just bought the cutest little starter house out in the suburbs.” The names may change, the city too, but we’ve all heard some version of this sentence. Maybe you’d like someone to say that...

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Selling your Home during the Holiday Season

Buying or selling a home is always a stressful and time-consuming process.This is doubly, no, triply, no, quadrupley true when it comes to selling your home during the holiday season. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are alre...

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Five Tips to Price Your Home

When first setting out on your homeselling journey, we often find ourselves mulling over staging, yardwork, and renovations. We’re often taken by surprise when the time comes to set the price. It’s often one of the most unfamiliar and myste...

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Go Wireless: Embracing Home Technology

These days, most people don’t leave the house without their smartphone in tow. More and more, "smart” technology is revolutionizing even the most mundane household staples—from Bluetooth enabled washer and dryer sets to digital doorbells....

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