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2021 Decor Trends According To Interior Designers

Just like fashion and music, home decor is constantly evolving. Big shifts are typically more noticeable over time, but there are new trends that enter the fold every year. To try to keep up with the most current trends, Modsy releases an annua...

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2020 Summer Living Room Trends

Whether you’re thinking about selling or you just want to update the look and style of your living room, we’ve got 2020 trends ready to inspire you. You’ve probably been spending more time here lately, so let’s make the most of it! N...

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10 Autumn Decor Ideas That Will Fall-ify Your Home

MANTLE WITH FOLIAGE Fix up your living room mantle with anything from brass candlesticks to small potted plants. Add an assortment of little floral arrangements, which embody the season. The right foliage on the mantle will ooze an Autumn v...

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