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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

The annual Spring clean can be a bit daunting but it always feels good after it’s done. That moment when you slump into your couch in your spotless living room after putting in hours of scrubbing and sweating is so satisfying. Enlist the help...

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How Covid-19 Has Affected The Housing Market

The economy came grinding to a halt, will the housing market follow the same path? We’re taking a look at how the virus has impacted real estate. The reality is that it varies by location, but Minnesotans appear to be among the least affected...

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Money Saving Tips For Moving

Moving is exciting. You can’t wait to be settled into your new home which is usually in a new neighborhood which means new restaurants, new neighbors, and new experiences. But first, you have to deal with the stress and expenses of actually m...

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House Buying Lingo: How Much Do You Know?

Buying a house can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re not familiar with the terms used throughout the buying process. No problem, let’s run through some of the most commonly used terms so you can familiarize yourself. Appraisal...

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May is almost here already, and with everything going on out there, the market has cooled down a little. We are still seeing strong median sales price and many homes are selling before they’re listed on sites like Zillow and T...

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Spring Staging Secrets

Every year, spring brings fresh flowers, warmer weather, and a hot real estate market. Use these staging secrets to attract more buyers this season. Say Yes To Yard Maintenance Get your yard in tip-top shape as quickly as possible after the...

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Why Home Inspections Are A Must When Buying

Discovering that “perfect house” brings out a lot of emotion, especially if you’ve been searching for a long time. The saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and that is especially true in real estate. You might think you ca...

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9 Tips To Make Moving Easy

We all know how stressful moving can be. No matter how prepared you are, moving is a big task! There are, however, proven ways to streamline your moving process and relieve some of those moving headaches. So whether you’re moving down the...

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Here we are, already in March 2020 and almost into April. That means it’s the hottest season in real estate: Spring. We are still seeing low inventory and strong median sales price, which means many homes are selling with multiple offers a...

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